2017 Publications


Introducing - The 2017 Marketing Programme

Great news! The 2017 Main Catalogue is available to order quickly and easily using the VOW Publications Manager!

The Main Catalogue forms part of the 2017 Marketing Guide, which has been created with you in mind. We aim to constantly evolve our offering so please pass on any feedback you have to your VOW Account Manager.

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Main Catalogue

- Sleek new design that includes unique slot layouts for different products
- 15 brand new cover options
- Refreshed introduction pages including a colourful Contents Page and ‘New for 2017’ spread
- Easy to spot, ‘tab effect’ hero slots
- New cross-selling and USP icons
- Newly designed added value inserts available

Publication and deadline dates
Main Catalogue Spreads


The 2017 Marketing Guide is now available, featuring the Facilities Supplies and Workspace Catalogues as well as all of our Direct Mail publications.

All of our publications have been redesigned for 2017 with a variety of brand new professionally designed covers also available.

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Facilities Supplies Catalogue

- 16 new pages to ensure you fulfil all your customers’ needs
- 6 brand new cover options - more than ever
- Consistent look and feel with Main Catalogue
- Unique icon in the footer for all  12 sections

Publication and deadline dates
Facilities Supplies Page Spreads
Workspace Catalogue

- Stand out as an expert in this growth category
- 3 new cover options
- Educational spreads throughout the catalogue
- Brand new contemporary design

Publication and deadline spreads
Workspace Catalogue page spreads
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You can find more information on our brand new VOWdigimailers in the 2017 Marketing Guide.

As well as the VOWdigicat version of the Main Catalogue, we now offer VOWdigimailer versions of all our other publications, enabling you to provide your customers with electronic versions of all your Catalogues and Mailers!

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Please contact your VOW Account Manager for more information on planning your 2017 marketing programme or alternatively contact the VOW Publications Team