VOW Resellers Flock to Evolve-It


Over 70% of former Smooth-e users have converted to VOW's new e-commerce platform, Evolve-IT, within just 12 months of its launch.

Developed by Evolution Software, Evolve-IT gives VOW resellers throughout the UK and Ireland access to VOW’s enriched eplus and epremium catalogues in one of the most user and search engine-friendly e-commerce solutions on the market.

Steve Bilton, Director, Evolution Software and FusionPLUS Data, comments: "Evolve-IT is an extremely effective ordering tool for corporate, SME and consumer buyers because it combines extensive functionality with high quality wholesaler and dealer group catalogues and further rich content from manufacturer partners."

Evolve-IT delivers accurate product search results in less than a second, search result filtering, product comparisons and includes multiple product images, video content and documents, where available.

Customers can quickly find what they need, see their regular orders and be informed of what's new and useful to them in any product category.

Steve: "The impressive take up by VOW resellers reflects the intuitive nature of the system and its ability to transform their web presence, whether they choose eplus data or go a step further in supercharging their e-commerce capabilities with epremium.”

"Our Evolution and FusionPLUS Data teams have worked with VOW to create one of the leading reseller e-commerce experiences in the UK and Ireland, with the extra benefit of continual customer support from both companies and access to exclusive year round marketing and promotions."

Evolve-IT integrates with the majority of leading industry specific back-office solutions including Horizon, Progress, Vision, Prima, Pulse, Calidore, OP-Connect, Oasis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.