Headroom Granted Exclusive UK and Ireland Licence for iSave.Dialog


Headroom, EVO Group’s marketing services agency, has been granted the exclusive UK and Ireland licence for sophisticated marketing automation software isave.DIALOG.

Already used in other countries by global brands such as Santander, Audi and Skoda, isave.DIALOG has been refined by Headroom and the software's Norwegian development company to enable EVO Group’s diverse customer base and vendors to create bespoke marketing campaigns for business product end users.

Capable of delivering highly targeted, personalised messages across a spectrum of marketing channels, in response to customers' individual buying behaviours, isave.DIALOG will enable office supply resellers, or indeed any business, to nurture leads in a relevant way as the customer relationship develops.

“The smart software gives resellers the opportunity to respond to customers' specific interests, rather than rely on mass email campaigns and other less targeted marketing methods to attract new business”, says Headroom's managing director Kim Gladstone:

"The days of mailing an entire customer base with the same message are numbered. Being responsive to individual customers and their behaviour generates far better results and isave.DIALOG gives resellers the opportunity to achieve just that. Evidence actually shows that companies that excel at lead nurturing using marketing automation software generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost* and that 63% of companies outgrowing their competitors are using marketing automation software.

"Whether it's sending a personalised SMS reminder before an event, designing and distributing email newsletters, integrating with social media or creating print ads to send directly to publications, isave.DIALOG will help resellers' marketing teams to easily run multiple campaigns using a whole range of communications methods. It is an extremely user-friendly, highly visual, 'drag and drop' system that marketing teams will love.

"The net result will be an enhanced pipeline development process, an increase in organic and new sales and ultimately increased conversions and loyalty, as well as less sales and marketing administration."

For more details visit www.isavedialog.co.uk, www.headroomuk or contact Headroom on 0333 999 3399.