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PACT (Pricing Assistance for Contract Tendering) is a value added service that enables our supporters to both defend their existing business and also win new clients.  PACT is an important part of the bid support process by providing in depth product and pricing knowledge and a competitive contract price.  Additionally, PACT provides Resellers with resources to help present their bid to the end users and offer assistance and guidance when completing tender documentation.

PACT can only be utilised by a dealer upon recommendation from their account manager.

For PACT FAQ's please click here.

To enquire further into PACT please contact your VOW Account Manager.




VOW’s LaunchPad service is an outsourced sales solution that is designed to empower a reseller’s existing sales team. It combines the most relevant technology, contact and data intelligence to address each unique customer acquisition challenge. This proven program methodology is designed to identify high-value targeted business to business customers ready to consider an alternative business products supplier. This service allows the reseller to select the number of opportunities required and the requirements for the new prospects, from this LaunchPad identifies suitable leads and vets each business for their value as a new customer before sending the details across to the reseller to make contact with the possible new acquisition.

For more information about how you can generate new end user referrals, please contact your VOW Account Manager




VOW’s Contract Manager software enables resellers to effectively manage contract business by automating the laborious task of managing margin at product level for each individual customer. The application analyses sales and pricing history which is automatically imported from the reseller’s business system*. Then, taking into account demand and product sensitivity, highlights where prices could be increased to enhance margin or where prices should be decreased to protect the business. Once pricing changes have been made, new pricing files are created automatically ready for updating the customers’ contract pricing in the resellers’ business system.

*Only integrates with certain back office systems

To arrange a demo of Contract Manager, please contact your VOW Account Manager



Specials is responsible for sourcing products that are not available in the VOW catalogue, have been discontinued or unique requests.  They have access to more than 150,000 products from over 400 suppliers.  
Looking for some pink binders?  Contact Specials!
Need glitter?  Contact Specials!
Have to have water bottles?  Contact Specials!

Please note: Minimum purchase value of £10 is required, any orders under £10 will incur a small fee.  Most items include direct delivery from supplier to cut down on time and cost.  Resellers are responsible for all delivery charges, which will be included in the price quote for the product.   All Specials items are NON RETURNABLE.

If you are interested in a product not available in the VOW catalogue, please call your normal contact at the VOW Sales Office at 0844 980 8000 or email your regional team using your specific email address (contact the VOW Sales Office to get your regional email address).



ICSM Credit Control Service

 ICSM and VOW have partnered together to launch a new credit control service exclusively to VOW+ Customers offering access to a unique credit community unavailable from any other information provider.

ICSM run a specialised information network providing invaluable information to help reduce Resellers’ risk of taking on bad debt. ICSM‘s unique, real time data collated from its members as well as from the top world-wide credit agencies provide a valuable base for Resellers to make sound credit decisions.

The ISCM service also offers access to credit consultants, a dedicated debt recovery team, free legal letters, credit monitoring and notification services, the Safetynet Suite of products and discounts on ICSM Conventional UK and International credit information, making it a one stop shop for credit control.