Electronic Order

Electronic Ordering allows the Resellers' back office systems to send orders directly to VOW.  Resellers then receive an immediate acknowledgment detailing what has been ordered, what will be delivered the next day and if something is backordered, when they should expect to receive it. VOW can trade with almost all back office systems including Progress Software and Advance Software, Power Trading System, Vision Software, Prima, Pulse Software, Axis Diplomat, and Horizon.    
VOW will also send information to Resellers' back office systems including electronic invoices and credit notes.

Online Ordering

VOW’s Online Ordering system has all the functionality you would expect from an industry leading e-commerce site, including:
• Search by product name, description, product code and manufacture code
• Personalized Favourites list
• Machine search to find products compatible with your specific machine (ie: ink, toner, etc.)
•  Save your orders to finish at a later time
• Quick Order box
• Track orders

Additionally, to ensure Resellers see the most accurate pricing and stock information, VOW’s Online Ordering prices are set to each individual Reseller and updated every night and stock levels are checked and updated every 20 minutes.  Both standard order, as well as Wrapide orders can be placed online.  Once an order has been placed, Resellers will receive an immediate acknowledgment stating what they will receive the next day and if something is backordered, when they should expect to receive it.




Evolve-it offers resellers an affordable option to have their own site which allows their customers to place orders online whether they handle B2B, B2C or both. Using tried and tested methods, it allows resellers to achieve their online sales consistently by delivering training and support through its dedicated and highly experienced UK-based team.

With a proven track record over 8 years, Evolve-it enables resellers to fulfill even the most complex online customer requirements:

• The high-quality Fusion Data catalogue content helps online customers find what they’re looking for within 3 ‘mouse-clicks’
• Accurate product search results returned within 1 second
• Multi-level product attributes enable search results filtering and product comparisons
• Allows ‘own product’ upload via a template import facility
• Provides a choice of part-configurable template options
• Supports multiple product images, video content and documents
• Dedicated online and telephone support team
• Continually developed in line with Technology and OP Industry changes

For more information on the improved customer experience and to find out how to sell more and increase profit, take a look at the Evolve-it Service Guide below.