Delivery Services




Wrapide is a direct delivery service available to Resellers that allows items to be sent directly from the VOW distribution centres straight to the Resellers' customers.  All items are sent in a plain box labelled “From” the Reseller then dispatched by UPS*.  By utilising the Wrapide service, Resellers not only reduce stock holding but they also instantly become a national company with the ability to deliver anywhere.

VOW’s Wrapide service offers an environmentally friendly option of paperless advice notes, instead of the customer receiving a secondary envelope; they will get a code with their delivery, then simply go to, enter their code and view their advice note.

Pick, Wrap & Label (PWL)
Pick Wrap & Label (PWL) is a service provided by VOW that saves Resellers time and money by dividing up the individual customer orders within the Dealer’s larger order, wrapping each customer’s order individually and then labelling them with the customer’s name.  
By separating out each order at the distribution centre, when the Reseller receives their order the next morning, the packages for the customers are ready to be dispatched and can be put on the delivery truck immediately, allowing for earlier delivery times or more deliveries on each route.
Please note that there is a fee for each service. For more information, costs or to begin using VOW’s Wrapide or PWL service, Resellers should contact their Account Manager. 
* Restricted delivery items (see the exception list in the additional resources) are delivered by a VOW van